Cityscapes London 2005

On the 6th of July 2005, I travelled down from Leeds with a group of colleagues from work. We had a fabulous day in the City of London. Always known as a photographer, I was carrying my Nikon F90. Yes, back in the day when Jessops and Boots did the developing and you paid extra for a 1hr service.

A few of these are from the London Eye and some are my colleagues from nearly 14 years ago. We all got home to Leeds late that evening, with tales to tell of the day.

The following day as the news hit, it shocked everyone beyond belief. Even last year when travelling to Tolworth, I still struggled with the underground.

London was challenge by the tragic day, but defiant in the face of injustice. That day will be remembered. Bless you all.

©Lucas Thompson-Murphy

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