Northern Ireland, this time last year

Well I had a notification on FB that I had some memories to view and because I’m incredibly nosy had to look.

It’s started with a week off work and a motorbike trip around Ireland/Northern Ireland on my then Honda CBF 600 sa6 and 3 guys and a girl.

Clockwise around Ireland from Dublin ending in beautiful Northern Ireland at Belfast was an adventure I will never forget. I had a bad habit of biting my nails for 4 decades that was changed by sweaty motorbike gloves and a week on the road.

The following pictures are but a few that I hold dear. Purely because Ballintoy was my special place. Boots off, socks off, trousers off and walking on the beach and feeling the sand under my feet was such a feeling I’ll never forget ever.

This really is a dream Island.

©Lucas Thompson-Murphy

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