Not just a style, but a craft.

As you may know, I’ve been taking photos for 35 years. Yet when I look back over the shots I’ve taken over the  years they seem to jump in and out of styles and mediums constantly.  I normally use a Nikon 3500 now, but more often than not a mobile phone. I also work in IT and couldn’t bare editing on a computer so use a simple app on the phone for everything I post, from jpegs to raw files.

The truth is a lot of photography is about changing it up and not getting stuck in the groove of one style.  There are only so many sunsets you can see without getting board, no matter how good.

I think the truth is, a great shot captures the imagination and has little to do with the camera used. Some of my favourite ones were taken on the phone and edited in minutes and posted. They’re print quality and framed. Real keepers. The balance is content and quality. I suppose the last thing is, you will never stop learning if you keep on shooting. Here’s my latest.

© Lucas Thompson-Murphy

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