Street photography and Sean

Street photography is really about stepping outside of the comfort zone and greeting people in an open way. I was walking with my wife and caught the perfect shot, one weekend in Bridlington. To be honest, she gets a little embarrassed that I would walk up to a stranger and ask to take their portrait.... Continue Reading →

Pigeon Pete in Bridlington

Every now and then I capture a special moment in time that I believe 'they' say is a keeper.  I took this shot a while back. Some time in 2019, but I can't remember when or what date. I suppose I could look up the file and tell you what iso and all that, but it's... Continue Reading →

Bempton Cliffs and Yorkshire

I have travelled to a lot of places and seen many a sunset or dramatic landscape but always return to my homeland. The following shots are from where I live and will always have a sense of complete awe, for the beautiful county of Yorkshire.©Lucas Thompson-Murphy

Out and About, Yorkshire

So having a full on Calendar for the last few months and our Poland trip not being close enough to manage. My wife and I booked a long weekend away at the stunning Coast of East Yorkshire. Street Photography or stunning landscapes, it has it all for me. Starting at Whitby, we travelled down to... Continue Reading →

Bridlington sunsets

Having family over in Bridlington, we have visited many times over the last 15 years. I must have a thousand pictures of every high and low tide, along with the harbour from Sunrise to Sunset. This pictures is taken from Carnaby Road. Walking to and from our caravan. Our lazy weekends tend to be 18... Continue Reading →

One calendar month

Well, to be honest I started this project for a presentation I needed to do and didn't expect the response I received. After 1 month with nearly 1300 views, 70 subscribers and 17 countries. I'm stunned. The fact is, I'm not selling anything and only do this for the joy that photography brings. Here are... Continue Reading →

1940s weekend in Bridlington

So my brother who lives in Bridlington, calls me Saturday afternoon to say there is a 1940s event in Brid. It will be great to photograph. To be honest I wasn't too sure, but went to bed sober on a Saturday night and jumped on the motorbike at 7:50am on a Sunday morning to fly... Continue Reading →

Love a good Sunrise

I don't often do Sunrises as they require early starts and a bit more commitment to the usual photography. I've always admired the people that do . When I have ventured out early, I have captured something special though. © Lucas Thompson-Murphy

The Journey Begins

I started taking photos at school in Leeds, Yorkshire. When I was 13, we had the option to choose our classes and Photography and Dark Room work was offered. All the boys decided to choose the option, as it was a double lesson and we would be allowed to go out for two hours with... Continue Reading →

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