A weekend in York

Having never really spent time in York and wanting to see a statue of Constantine (a Yorkshire man) who became the leader of the world as we know it. We travelled to the northern city to walk the streets and I secretly had an idea of taking some candid photography. A great day out and... Continue Reading →

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

As holiday destinations go, Rome was always on my wish list. Everywhere you look has culture, from old building, monuments, frescos and sculptures. To be honest, after a few days most people are just ticking boxes. Seen the Pantheon and St Peters Square, tick. I may have done the same with four days to navigate... Continue Reading →

Candid Photography

Often I catch a candid shot, when out shooting points of interest. Its a bit of challenge not to get caught sometimes and when you do, a bit funny. The main point is, people walk into your shot and so I work with it. For the most part it adds to the photograph. ©Lucas Thompson-Murphy

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Nuns in Rome

I think I got the look from a senior Nun in Rome once. A look a disapproval. Little did she know, I've been married for years and built up some reasonable amunity to such. © Lucas Thompson-Murphy

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