Out and About, Yorkshire

So having a full on Calendar for the last few months and our Poland trip not being close enough to manage. My wife and I booked a long weekend away at the stunning Coast of East Yorkshire. Street Photography or stunning landscapes, it has it all for me. Starting at Whitby, we travelled down to... Continue Reading →

Cityscapes London 2005

On the 6th of July 2005, I travelled down from Leeds with a group of colleagues from work. We had a fabulous day in the City of London. Always known as a photographer, I was carrying my Nikon F90. Yes, back in the day when Jessops and Boots did the developing and you paid extra... Continue Reading →

Halifax and the Piece Hall

I worked in Halifax for years when the Piece Hall was being refurbished. Over that time, I have seen the sun go down and rise with overnight shifts in IT, many times. The whole reason I ride a bike today is actually because of that commute. Today was a car journey over to see the... Continue Reading →

Random shots from the streets

Being a Friday and the week has been a little more than busy. I pulled a wild card and asked to leave early from work. So the plan was to pick up the wife, drive into town and wonder around until her dentist appointment was over. Needless to say, I took some street photography to... Continue Reading →

Empathy and Street Photography

It's difficult to not have empathy with an image like this. We live in a cruel environment, that has no time for the weak or infirm. It's better to beat someone up, than do a weekly shop for your Gran. I once knew someone, who grew up in Albania under the Communists, worked in Italy... Continue Reading →

1940s weekend in Bridlington

So my brother who lives in Bridlington, calls me Saturday afternoon to say there is a 1940s event in Brid. It will be great to photograph. To be honest I wasn't too sure, but went to bed sober on a Saturday night and jumped on the motorbike at 7:50am on a Sunday morning to fly... Continue Reading →

Leeds Street Photography

Street shots are always something I love to look at, especially candid photography. Today I ventured to the local market in Leeds to work some. Looking for people with an odd style or quirky characters seemed easy. To be honest, I think I found some.  Beauty is always judged by the clothes you wear and... Continue Reading →

Street Photography

Street photography is an art form and not for the faint hearted. It amusing to see people that have no idea of the environment around them, although some are really switched on. Call it lost on the moment or busy with life. Most people don't see the world they occupy. Either way, I love to... Continue Reading →

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