The story so far

Since I haven't uploaded many shots I the last few months. I'm building up a bit of a back catalogue. Work commitments, travel and spending far too much time on Facebook and Twitter 🙄 It's easy to lose track and motivation for doing a blog and so I thought I'd post a few. Placing my... Continue Reading →

Early morning and a Sigma 10-20

This weekend was an early start in the back fields where I live. Wanting to try out a new wide angle lens bought for doing some night photography. It started out dark and at 6am, I was taking shots of the city lights and the mist. By 7am I was stood in the middle of... Continue Reading →

Early morning and long exposures

So I've been up since 3pm and out the door taking shots over the back field. I was waiting for the sunrise but the clouds and rain got in the way eventually. Retreating to the cover of the woods I started again. Taken from Morley, Leeds. ©Lucas Thompson-Murphy

Love a good Sunrise

I don't often do Sunrises as they require early starts and a bit more commitment to the usual photography. I've always admired the people that do . When I have ventured out early, I have captured something special though. © Lucas Thompson-Murphy

Sunrise over Bempton Cliffs

September 2018 was a busy month, taking time off work. I camped at Wold Farm on Bempton Cliffs, East Yorkshire. After 18 miles up and down the cliff edge and spending time at the Nature Reserve, I was exhausted. I'm also an early riser and wanted to catch the sunrise. Albeit I did climb back... Continue Reading →

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