Gdansk and us….

Spending time in Gdansk over the next week. Sopot and Stuttof are the main attraction. Honestly,I have never seen a more beautiful place. Here it is for now. Sopot pierThe PadlocksGdank Glowny ©Lucas Thompson-Murphy

Homelessness, the need for change.

It's a difficult story to tell and one that is uncomfortable too. Many of the places I have travelled to have homeless people and show their needs by begging. Some are there out of option, some will need drug money as they no longer fit the family circle and community. Others are marital breakdown or... Continue Reading →

Vatican Museums or Musei Vaticani

I think Rome was always on the bucket list for many, because of the Dan Brown novels. Please remember they're fiction and not a documentary. We had an incredible time in Roma. The contrast of rich and poor seemed to be exaggerated by the grandeur and opulence of the church. But as they say, when... Continue Reading →

Unusual edits

Sometimes I take a shot that is unusual, or difficult to edit for the audience. This was captured in a graveyard some years back. It's like marmite, love it or hate it. An over edit by some standards, or interesting with the cobwebs, string, reflection or stained glass.. it ticks all the boxes for me.... Continue Reading →

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