Street Photography

I’ve spent so much time looking for the perfect landscape photograph and tramping around old graveyards and churches, street photography has obviously taken a decline over the years for me.  Having recently found a renewed passion for random shots on the streets.  I’ve built up a bit of a collection that I feel deserve their own page.  It’s fun and I try not to take myself too serious, but some of these are pretty good.

I have been asked if permission was gained from the subject or specifically, did I engage with a homeless man, begging for change. The answer is both yes and no.  Often, I strike up a conversation with people on the street.  Sometimes I’m interested in what they have to say, sometimes not and they’re the subject of a photo and nothing else.

Sometimes I stop people in the street and have a random chat, just because they look amazing and interesting.

Looking for lost souls and a friendly dialogue can bring someone back from the daze of a busy life. Asking a total stranger a meaningful question and actually waiting for the reply which is unusual today.

The conversations I’ve had seem to be random, but the people are interesting. Take them or leave them, this is street photography.

©Lucas Thompson-Murphy

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