Saturday mornings & street photos

Every now and then, I venture into the city centre on a Saturday out of necessity. It gets a little mad in Leeds with the drug addicts walking around like zombies on spice and the homeless in the doorways trying to survive. You could get stopped by anyone touting some doctrine or other too. It... Continue Reading →

Street photography and Sean

Street photography is really about stepping outside of the comfort zone and greeting people in an open way. I was walking with my wife and caught the perfect shot, one weekend in Bridlington. To be honest, she gets a little embarrassed that I would walk up to a stranger and ask to take their portrait.... Continue Reading →

The story so far

Since I haven't uploaded many shots I the last few months. I'm building up a bit of a back catalogue. Work commitments, travel and spending far too much time on Facebook and Twitter 🙄 It's easy to lose track and motivation for doing a blog and so I thought I'd post a few. Placing my... Continue Reading →

Taxidermy in Scarborough

Not sure how I feel about this. I suppose if it happens all post mortem and you had a cat you loved it would still be strange. But I'm not sure it's for me. The oddest shop in Scarborough, Yorkshire. ©Lucas Thompson-Murphy

Out and about in Leeds

I must have spent over 40 years walking around Temple Newsham in Leeds. One of my earliest memories is walking there in a summer when I was really young. It's a beautiful place and always busy with dog walkers, runners and families of all ages spending time out and enjoying the space. Hope you like... Continue Reading →

One calendar month

Well, to be honest I started this project for a presentation I needed to do and didn't expect the response I received. After 1 month with nearly 1300 views, 70 subscribers and 17 countries. I'm stunned. The fact is, I'm not selling anything and only do this for the joy that photography brings. Here are... Continue Reading →

Candid Photography

Often I catch a candid shot, when out shooting points of interest. Its a bit of challenge not to get caught sometimes and when you do, a bit funny. The main point is, people walk into your shot and so I work with it. For the most part it adds to the photograph. ©Lucas Thompson-Murphy

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Unusual edits

Sometimes I take a shot that is unusual, or difficult to edit for the audience. This was captured in a graveyard some years back. It's like marmite, love it or hate it. An over edit by some standards, or interesting with the cobwebs, string, reflection or stained glass.. it ticks all the boxes for me.... Continue Reading →

Love a good Sunrise

I don't often do Sunrises as they require early starts and a bit more commitment to the usual photography. I've always admired the people that do . When I have ventured out early, I have captured something special though. © Lucas Thompson-Murphy

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