The story so far

Since I haven't uploaded many shots I the last few months. I'm building up a bit of a back catalogue. Work commitments, travel and spending far too much time on Facebook and Twitter 🙄 It's easy to lose track and motivation for doing a blog and so I thought I'd post a few. Placing my... Continue Reading →

Bempton Cliffs and Yorkshire

I have travelled to a lot of places and seen many a sunset or dramatic landscape but always return to my homeland. The following shots are from where I live and will always have a sense of complete awe, for the beautiful county of Yorkshire.©Lucas Thompson-Murphy

Sunrise over Bempton Cliffs

September 2018 was a busy month, taking time off work. I camped at Wold Farm on Bempton Cliffs, East Yorkshire. After 18 miles up and down the cliff edge and spending time at the Nature Reserve, I was exhausted. I'm also an early riser and wanted to catch the sunrise. Albeit I did climb back... Continue Reading →

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