The story so far

Since I haven't uploaded many shots I the last few months. I'm building up a bit of a back catalogue. Work commitments, travel and spending far too much time on Facebook and Twitter 🙄 It's easy to lose track and motivation for doing a blog and so I thought I'd post a few. Placing my... Continue Reading →

Back to work

After a few days back at work I've lost a bit of momentum in editing and posting photos from my recent trip. I actually ended up with about a 1000 shots and the law of average is some are gonna be great. So I'm hoping that you like these. Perhaps my favourite shot of the... Continue Reading →

Shopping for holiday clothes

Being a typical bloke and also because I was hungry. Sunday shopping in and out of pound shop, Primark, wilkos and endless others. I get to stand outside while wifey goes and does the apparent essentials. I make it fun by taking a few photos, thats what I do. Here are the shots, hope you... Continue Reading →

Out and About, Yorkshire

So having a full on Calendar for the last few months and our Poland trip not being close enough to manage. My wife and I booked a long weekend away at the stunning Coast of East Yorkshire. Street Photography or stunning landscapes, it has it all for me. Starting at Whitby, we travelled down to... Continue Reading →

One calendar month

Well, to be honest I started this project for a presentation I needed to do and didn't expect the response I received. After 1 month with nearly 1300 views, 70 subscribers and 17 countries. I'm stunned. The fact is, I'm not selling anything and only do this for the joy that photography brings. Here are... Continue Reading →

Random shots from the streets

Being a Friday and the week has been a little more than busy. I pulled a wild card and asked to leave early from work. So the plan was to pick up the wife, drive into town and wonder around until her dentist appointment was over. Needless to say, I took some street photography to... Continue Reading →

Empathy and Street Photography

It's difficult to not have empathy with an image like this. We live in a cruel environment, that has no time for the weak or infirm. It's better to beat someone up, than do a weekly shop for your Gran. I once knew someone, who grew up in Albania under the Communists, worked in Italy... Continue Reading →

1940s weekend in Bridlington

So my brother who lives in Bridlington, calls me Saturday afternoon to say there is a 1940s event in Brid. It will be great to photograph. To be honest I wasn't too sure, but went to bed sober on a Saturday night and jumped on the motorbike at 7:50am on a Sunday morning to fly... Continue Reading →

The Meeting Place

Last year I found myself with time to kill outside Kings Cross station in London. To make a boring story short, I ended up tramping around the station on the other side of the road. St Pancras was just as busy, but offered a little more of interest to look at. Inside is a 30ft... Continue Reading →

Lost in Yorkshire

Once coming back from Mallam Cove, I got lost. Traveling down the country roads and following the Sun, I managed to make my way to somewhere recognisable. On the way back I stopped for this shot. Not a bad place aye. © Lucas Thompson-Murphy

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