Catching up on street photography

As I write this I am sat in the kitchen having a beer after a really hectic morning. A 5am early start as I wanted to try out my new Fujifilm xa-5 on the city lights and then the dreaded shopping in Leeds followed by the big food shop at the supermarket. We call it... Continue Reading →

Saturday mornings & street photos

Every now and then, I venture into the city centre on a Saturday out of necessity. It gets a little mad in Leeds with the drug addicts walking around like zombies on spice and the homeless in the doorways trying to survive. You could get stopped by anyone touting some doctrine or other too. It... Continue Reading →

The story so far

Since I haven't uploaded many shots I the last few months. I'm building up a bit of a back catalogue. Work commitments, travel and spending far too much time on Facebook and Twitter 🙄 It's easy to lose track and motivation for doing a blog and so I thought I'd post a few. Placing my... Continue Reading →

Shopping for holiday clothes

Being a typical bloke and also because I was hungry. Sunday shopping in and out of pound shop, Primark, wilkos and endless others. I get to stand outside while wifey goes and does the apparent essentials. I make it fun by taking a few photos, thats what I do. Here are the shots, hope you... Continue Reading →

One calendar month

Well, to be honest I started this project for a presentation I needed to do and didn't expect the response I received. After 1 month with nearly 1300 views, 70 subscribers and 17 countries. I'm stunned. The fact is, I'm not selling anything and only do this for the joy that photography brings. Here are... Continue Reading →

Random shots from the streets

Being a Friday and the week has been a little more than busy. I pulled a wild card and asked to leave early from work. So the plan was to pick up the wife, drive into town and wonder around until her dentist appointment was over. Needless to say, I took some street photography to... Continue Reading →

Street Photography

Street photography is an art form and not for the faint hearted. It amusing to see people that have no idea of the environment around them, although some are really switched on. Call it lost on the moment or busy with life. Most people don't see the world they occupy. Either way, I love to... Continue Reading →

Lost in Yorkshire

Once coming back from Mallam Cove, I got lost. Traveling down the country roads and following the Sun, I managed to make my way to somewhere recognisable. On the way back I stopped for this shot. Not a bad place aye. © Lucas Thompson-Murphy

Brimham Rocks, silhouette

After a lazy weekend, my wife and I 'decided' to go out for the day to get some fresh air. Brimham Rocks is about 25 miles away with some beautiful walks in North Yorkshire. I took the opportunity to take the camera and hoped for a great shot of the countryside. I came back with... Continue Reading →

Auschwitz visit

The visit to Auschwitz seem to show a relatively pleasant surrounding. The basement was where the terror happened and the firing wall. It's a surreal place. The best picture would be the faces of the visitors leaving the buildings, in total shock of what they had witnessed. They say the fires burned constantly and I... Continue Reading →

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