Saturday mornings & street photos

Every now and then, I venture into the city centre on a Saturday out of necessity. It gets a little mad in Leeds with the drug addicts walking around like zombies on spice and the homeless in the doorways trying to survive. You could get stopped by anyone touting some doctrine or other too. It... Continue Reading →

Empathy and Street Photography

It's difficult to not have empathy with an image like this. We live in a cruel environment, that has no time for the weak or infirm. It's better to beat someone up, than do a weekly shop for your Gran. I once knew someone, who grew up in Albania under the Communists, worked in Italy... Continue Reading →

Leeds Street Photography

Street shots are always something I love to look at, especially candid photography. Today I ventured to the local market in Leeds to work some. Looking for people with an odd style or quirky characters seemed easy. To be honest, I think I found some.  Beauty is always judged by the clothes you wear and... Continue Reading →

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