The Perfect Focus

Not too often, but sometimes you really get it right with a shot. Everything seems to click into place, the the universe aligns. I can no longer claim beginners luck or even high end equipment. Perhaps an accidental perfection. This shot was taken with an old Nikon D3100 with a kit lens. Hand held, well... Continue Reading →

We all have a favourite.

Sometimes, when you have thousands of shots and look back at them, one always stands out. I suppose being emotionally attached to the situation and scene has something to do with it. Last year I spent time in Tolworth, London for a project and took a few shots of the embankment and Battersea with all... Continue Reading →

Cityscapes London 2005

On the 6th of July 2005, I travelled down from Leeds with a group of colleagues from work. We had a fabulous day in the City of London. Always known as a photographer, I was carrying my Nikon F90. Yes, back in the day when Jessops and Boots did the developing and you paid extra... Continue Reading →

The Meeting Place

Last year I found myself with time to kill outside Kings Cross station in London. To make a boring story short, I ended up tramping around the station on the other side of the road. St Pancras was just as busy, but offered a little more of interest to look at. Inside is a 30ft... Continue Reading →

Street Photography

Street photography is an art form and not for the faint hearted. It amusing to see people that have no idea of the environment around them, although some are really switched on. Call it lost on the moment or busy with life. Most people don't see the world they occupy. Either way, I love to... Continue Reading →

Tolworth Towers

Last year I worked on a project to move a business from London to Leeds. The current situation was the building had been sold and to be redeveloped making way for an apartment block in South London. Late on the evening, after the demolition crew had left, I took the lift to the 20th floor... Continue Reading →

London City

The city lights and hotel rooms are diametrically opposed.  After a good few weeks of eating and drinking in Surbiton.  I ventured out on an evening, looking for subjects to shoot.  The city has many options and you could never get bored to be honest. Love it or hate it, this is London.   ©Lucas... Continue Reading →

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