Taxidermy in Scarborough

Not sure how I feel about this. I suppose if it happens all post mortem and you had a cat you loved it would still be strange. But I'm not sure it's for me. The oddest shop in Scarborough, Yorkshire. ©Lucas Thompson-Murphy

Scarborough from the castle

Looking out from Scarborough castle down the South bay has the be the best view. I remember walking up to the walls nearly 30 years ago and taking a similar shot on a 35mm Nikon. The sea fret rolled in and set the scene perfectly. A few years later I revisited and took the same... Continue Reading →

Out and About, Yorkshire

So having a full on Calendar for the last few months and our Poland trip not being close enough to manage. My wife and I booked a long weekend away at the stunning Coast of East Yorkshire. Street Photography or stunning landscapes, it has it all for me. Starting at Whitby, we travelled down to... Continue Reading →

One calendar month

Well, to be honest I started this project for a presentation I needed to do and didn't expect the response I received. After 1 month with nearly 1300 views, 70 subscribers and 17 countries. I'm stunned. The fact is, I'm not selling anything and only do this for the joy that photography brings. Here are... Continue Reading →

Street Photography

Street photography is an art form and not for the faint hearted. It amusing to see people that have no idea of the environment around them, although some are really switched on. Call it lost on the moment or busy with life. Most people don't see the world they occupy. Either way, I love to... Continue Reading →

Scarborough in the rain

I've always loved Scarborough, even out of season when the crowds have disappeared. Cold, wet and raining. The magic of being by the seaside takes me back. Here is a shot from a few years back. I remember walking along the front with everything locked up and shuttered. The streets were empty, but I didn't... Continue Reading →

Dean Road Cemetery, Scarborough

I've always had a fascination for a good Cemetery and Dean Road Cemetery in Scarborough is one of my favourites.  We had spent a Bank Holiday weekend at the East Coast of Yorkshire.  One evening we walked through the graveyard for more than two hours.  Reading the headstones and taking shots. It was magical. ©Lucas... Continue Reading →

Scarborough back streets

Sometimes the most obvious photograph comes from the very place that is often overlooked. I love the colours and brickwork. The old doors and windows with their old coloured paint make it look really dated. The east coast of Yorkshire. © Lucas Thompson-Murphy

Ray Lonsdale in Scarborough

I love these pieces. As an artist, I think he is totally under rated. I'd love to see him celebrated more, with a global success. Anyone who has seen his work close up and the size of these sculptures must be in awe. As for me, well I like silhouettes. Taken in Scarborough, May 2019... Continue Reading →

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